Who We Are

The Pueblo of Laguna Utility Authority (UA) is a legal entity that was established by the Government of he Pueblo of Laguna in 1998. The UA is wholly owned by the Pueblo for the benefit of the Pueblo and its recognition members.

In 2015, the entity Charter was revised and adopted by the Pueblo Council. Under the revisions of the restated charted, the Utility Authority is responsible for assisting the Pueblo in performing essential government functions of developing, improving, operating and maintaining (1) water systems, (2) wastewater systems, (3) solid waste systems, (4) fiber optic, broadband and wireless data systems, and (5) other related utility infrastructure ("utility systems") as approved by Pueblo Council.

Maintaining alignment with the essential governmental functions, the UA manages three core services for residential and commercial customers within the exterior boundaries of the Pueblo of Laguna. Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste are services are provided to over 1,300 residential and 25 commercial customers.

The UA has established two subsidiary business components that provide extended services to the Laguna Community. Broadband internet was introduce through grant funding from the USDA Community Connect Grant. The CCG provided funding resource to design and build-out a wireless point-to-point broadband network. Currently, K'awaika Hanu Internet (KHI) operates as a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) with an established customer base of 350 customers. Through the creation of the Laguna Utility Authority Plumbing (LUAP), residential plumbing services were being provided and community members. Currently, this service area has been suspended but is expected to be reintroduced as a Plumbing & HVAC business component. In March 2019, the board adopted a new business plan to support the vision.