Let us get you connected with the world through technology

Let us get you connected with the world through technology


Let us get you connected with the world through technology

Let us get you connected with the world through technology

Let us get you connected with the world through technology

K'awaika Hanu Internet is our local wireless internet service provider (WISP) offering high speed internet at competitive rates. KHI offers high speed wireless internet service to residential and businesses within and adjacent to the Pueblo of Laguna boundaries.  Simple installations at your home or business will have you communicating globally.

Are you looking to stream music or movies? Pay bill online or bank online? Maybe you want to further your education and online classes work better for you. Sign up today with K'awaika Hanu for services and don't pay all the taxes and fees with other providers. With faster speeds and no data cap we offer packages that will fit your high speed internet needs.

Print application below and send to: POLUACustomerService@lagunaua.org

Let us get you connected with the world through technology

For technical issues with your internet connection please call  24/7 Support Number


For more information or you need assistance Please Call Us at (505)552-9631



  • 10 Mbps up / 1 Mbps down available in select areas @ $79.95/month.
  • Contact the KHI Offices for more details.

frequent asked questions


How does Netflix Work?

Netflix an online service that provides on-demand streaming media for a monthly rate.

What do I need to "Stream Music or TV"? Do you self Roku?

Newer Tv's come with built-in WIFI connectively that allows wirelessly to your home WIFI coneections. There are also secondary devices that allow you to connect wirelessly, examples are ROKU, Apple TV. If your TV has a network connection port, you can also connect using a network cable known as a RJ45 connector cable.

How do I do video calls?

Depending on your device or application used, video calls can be made with our broadband connection. Video calls vary on the type of device and application used. Skype and FaceTime are the more popular applications used to make video calls.

Can I plug It into my Dish Direct /TV?

Yes. If your receiver comes with a network connection port, a cable can be connected directly from our box or if you have a router, use one of the ports. A technician can help at installation with this.

How do I set up my laptop/tablet wirelessly?

If your device come with an internal WIFI connection, connect to your WIFI router using it's WIFI Name and if it's a secure connection, the password. Once the connection is made, you will be able to get the internet within the range of the WIFI router.

What range do the routers have?

Depending on your router and the signal strength, most WIFI routers can reach up to the distances of 100 yards.

What happens if I unplug the router on the "blackbox" when I move my furniture?

The first thing is you will lose connection to the internet. if this happens, plug back in and allow to make a connection and your internet should be back on. If not, recycle the power again and unplug for 10 seconds and plug back in and your connection should be restored.

Is there a data cap?

No. Unlike cellular and satellite internet connections, we do not have data caps or overages. You pay one rate with no fees or taxes.

Where can I buy a longer data cable at?

At any local electronics store or any store with a electronic department.

Do we honor the warranty on the Router?

If your purchase a WIFI router from KHI, the warranty will be as stated on the manufacture box and instructions giving to your the time of installation.

Whats's Smart TV?

A smart TV is a TV that allows you to connect to the internet connection, if it be wireless with the network cable. Making it possible to stream movies or surf the internet.

How secure is the network?

Network security comes in many forms and can result in security from your internet service provider or with a password protected WIFI connection and even down to having software installed on your device for added protection.

Do I need a phone line? 

No. A phone line is not needed to have our internet services.

Do I need a router?

No. Unless you want to connect multiple devices wirelessly then you will not need one.

Will my internet be the same bill as my water?

Yes. Your bill will be detailed with Ka'waika Hanu Internet Services at the bottom with the monthly fee.

How many devices can I hook to the WIFI router?

There is no set limit as to how many devices can be connected to a WIFI router. Factors that can be decrease performance are based on services enabled on the router, bandwidth speed, and the devices internal power and memory.

Will I be paying the same price every month?

Yes. Our services