POLUA New Developments

As the parent company of our subsidiaries, we've been working diligently to build long-term sustainability through new business development ventures. In a collaborative effort with K'awaika Hanu Internet (KHI), we are embarking on a full-scale fiber transport network initiative. Our objective with this initiative is to plan, design and construct a high caliber fiber optic infrastructure to support high speed internet to the premises within the Laguna Communities.

On the other side of the organization , we've completed a comprehensive business plan for Plumbing and HVAC company. The objective of this component is to provide affordable and professional plumbing and HVAC services within the Laguna Community as well as Outside of the reservation boundaries. Lastly, we have established a plan to "Grow Our Own" through strategic partnership with key organizations. The plan is an alternative solution to employment through an education pipeline, otherwise known as an Apprentice to journeyman Program.